Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Fund Grants will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis using policies approved in advance by the Community Foundation's Board of Directors.  All members of each Scholarship Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Community Foundation's Board of Directors by name on an annual basis before the scholarship process begins.  Neither the donor nor any party related to the donor may control the Scholarship Advisory Committee, directly or indirectly.

The Scholarship Fund List  includes the name, description and application deadlines of all scholarship funds administered by the Community Foundation.

Application Evaluations and Scholarship Awards

  • Evaluation:  To ensure that a fair, equitable, objective and non-discriminatory selection process is used, all applicants must adhere to the same guidelines and submit the required application form and attachments.  Following receipt of applications, the Foundation staff will review and identify qualified applications and then the appropriate scholarship advisory committee will meet to evaluate the qualifications of applicants.
  • Availability of Scholarship Information:  There will be broad dissemination of eligibility requirements.
  • Selection:  The Foundation staff shall ensure that all scholarship recipients are selected on an objective and non-discriminatory basis and based on specific guidelines and criteria outlined for each scholarship fund.  If no applicants meet the qualifications of the scholarship for which they are applying the scholarship advisory committee has the option of not choosing a recipient.
  • Approval of Recipients:  All scholarship award recommendations shall be subject to the approval of the Community Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Announcement and Publicity:  Awards will be announced by the Foundation through written notice to students and counselors, as well as through a consolidated press release.

The full Scholarship Fund Policy is available here.