The Community Foundation is proud to offer Scholarship Funds that are awarded in accordance with the donors' wishes.

Scholarship Fund Grants will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis using policies approved in advance by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. All members of each Scholarship Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors by name on an annual basis before the scholarship process begins. Neither the donor nor any party related to the donor may control the Scholarship Advisory Committee, directly or indirectly.

The 2024 scholarship application process opened on March 1, 2024. The Scholarship Fund List includes the name, description, and eligibility criteria of all scholarship funds administered by the Community Foundation. Here are the 2024 scholarship application deadlines.

Application Evaluations and Scholarship Awards

  • Evaluation: To ensure that a fair, equitable, objective and non-discriminatory selection process is used, all applicants must adhere to the same guidelines and submit the required application form and attachments. Following receipt of applications, the Foundation staff will review and identify qualified applications and then the appropriate scholarship advisory committee will meet to evaluate the qualifications of applicants.
  • Availability of Scholarship Information: There will be broad dissemination of eligibility requirements.
  • Selection: The Foundation staff shall ensure that all scholarship recipients are selected on an objective and non-discriminatory basis and based on specific guidelines and criteria outlined for each scholarship fund. If no applicants meet the qualifications of the scholarship for which they are applying the scholarship advisory committee has the option of not choosing a recipient.
  • Approval of Recipients: All scholarship award recommendations shall be subject to the approval of the Community Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Announcement and Publicity: Awards will be announced by the Foundation through written notice to students and counselors, as well as through a consolidated press release.

The full Scholarship Fund Policy is available here.

Scholarship Application Process

Information for Students

The Community Foundation of Greenville’s Scholarship Program includes several different scholarship funds established by individuals, companies, and organizations wanting to assist individuals with furthering their education. Students apply to the program and, if eligible, may be awarded grants from one or more of the different funds held by the Community Foundation.

The scholarships currently available are:

  • Alice Watkins Scholarship
  • Greenville County Fire Chiefs’ Association Scholarship
  • Greenville County Library Staff Education Fund in memory of Anthony Messineo
  • Margaret and Jack Paylor Family Scholarship Fund
  • Obermier Scholarship Fund in memory of John N. Obermier, Edith M. Obermier and Mary Belle Obermier
  • Rama Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Greenville City Fire Department
  • John I. Smith Charities Scholarship


Who is eligible to apply?

Each scholarship fund has specific eligibility criteria defined by the donor when the fund was established. When you apply through the Foundation’s online process, you will be asked a series of questions that are designed to determine your eligibility. The online system will determine which scholarships may be applicable to you. To determine if you are eligible for a scholarship from a particular fund, please read the specific criteria found in the Scholarship Fund List. Scholarship application deadlines vary.

Are all scholarships limited to Greenville County residents?
No, however some of our scholarships do have a residency requirement.

How much does it cost to apply for a scholarship?
There is no charge to apply.

Are the scholarships awarded sufficient to pay the cost of my college education?
No. These scholarships are intended to provide only partial support. In addition to applying for scholarships through the Foundation, you should look for other financial aid resources such as federal grants, loans and work-study awards. A complete financial package can be put together by your high school counselor or your college financial aid office and may include a portion of each of the above types of financial aid.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how much will I get?
Our scholarships offer varying award amounts, which range from $500 to $10,000, depending on the size of a particular fund and the terms established when the fund was created.

Where can I go to school with these scholarships?
The scholarships are for accredited colleges and universities anywhere in the United States. We cannot make awards outside of the United States.

May I receive grants from more than one scholarship?
Yes, you may apply to all the scholarships for which you are eligible.

How do I apply?
You will sign up and create a student profile through our online scholarship application (see button below). You will complete only one application regardless of how many scholarships you are eligible for today. The 2024 scholarship application process will open on March 1, 2024.

Apply Here

Do I need to pay scholarship money back?
No. These charitable grants do not need to be paid back.

How are the scholarship decisions made?
A selection committee appointed by the Board of the Community Foundation and comprised of impartial members meet after the application deadline to review each application and select the recipients based on the criteria established by the established fund criteria.

How will my application be evaluated?
All scholarships will be evaluated on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis using policies approved in advance by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.  In evaluating the applicants, the committee will consider the applicant’s academic records, test scores, extracurricular activities, work experience, community involvement, and recommendations from teachers, employers, etc. The selection process shall balance merit and financial need.

If I am awarded a scholarship, do I get the check?
No. Award checks will be made payable to the institution and mailed prior to the beginning of the semester.

What can my scholarship be used for?
The scholarships are for educational expenses that include tuition, school fees, books and supplies.

If I am awarded a scholarship, what are my responsibilities?
Scholarship recipients must attend college based on the scholarship criteria of the year in which the scholarship(s) are awarded and continue in college that entire academic year without interruption, barring illness or emergency. Scholarship recipients are responsible for notifying the Foundation pertaining to grades and enrollment for each semester while receiving scholarship funds.

If I receive a scholarship one year, will I automatically receive an award for the following year?
No. In most cases, students must complete the application process again in order to be considered for a new scholarship award. If you have received a scholarship in the past, refer to your scholarship agreement that accompanied your award letter.

How will I be notified?
Scholarship deadline and award time-frames vary. A representative of the Community Foundation will contact you either by mail or phone after the selection process has been completed.

If you have questions about the scholarship process or application, please contact Debbie Cooper at 864-331-8414 or e-mail Debbie Cooper.

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