Grants & Impact

The success of the Community Foundation has always been defined by the tangible benefits we deliver to the people of Greenville County. Through our donors and an exceptional network of local organizations, we are proud to create impact and help great things happen in Greenville.

At this time, we have four different grant opportunities – Capacity Building Grants, Margaret Linder Southern Endowment Fund, Walter Johnson Trust Grants, and Minority-led Nonprofit Grants. The Capacity Building Grant cycle is our only competitive grant process. Details for each grant opportunity can be found on each web page.

We also have seven scholarship funds that we administer and award in accordance with the donor’s wishes. See our scholarship page for more information and to learn how to apply.

Watch our video to learn more about our history, who we work with, what organizations we help, and how we impact the Greenville community:

Pleasant Valley Connection

“This is the community’s building. Whatever the community wants to see here, this is what we do.” - Leda Young, Executive Director

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