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We are pleased to offer our fund holders the opportunity to access their fund information online, including recommending grant requests and viewing statements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why should I set up my Fund Holder Portal account?

The portal is the fastest and most efficient way to manage your fund(s) at CFG. The portal is secure, and enables you to see contributions, request a grant or print a statement at any time.

What if I have several funds at CFG?

If you have multiple funds at CFG, you will see them in the drop down menu once you have signed into the donor portal. Choose which account you’d like to view.

What if I do not want to access my account online?

Use of the portal is not required. You are welcome to continue using our established system of paper or emailed grant requests, and to receive your quarterly statement of activity in the mail.

Can I make wire transfers, stock donations or donations by check through the portal?

No, the portal cannot be used for wire transfers, stock or check donations. Those donations will still be processed through the Community Foundation’s office. For stock or wire transfer instructions, please contact Sharon at (864) 233-5925.

If you would like to make a donation to add money to your fund, or any fund at CFG, using a credit card, you will need to go through CFG’s website which doesn’t require a login.  Any credit card processing fee will be charged to your fund, so you may wish to mail a check instead.

The setup process is easy. Once you have registered and been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  If you need  assistance, please contact us at (864) 233 -5925.

How do I Access Information about my Fund?

The Fund Holder Portal (“Portal”) is an online tool for fund holders (or their designated advisors) to easily access up-to-date information about their funds at the Community Foundation of Greenville (“CFG”). Those using the portal will be known as Fund Advisors within the system. All fund holders are given the option to “Opt In” to using the donor portal by registering and accepting the Terms & Conditions. Please contact us at or give us a call at 864-233-5925 with questions.

How to set up your login:

As a fund holder, you must first register and read and accept the Terms & Conditions.  CFG staff will then send you a link, via email, to access the Portal. This link will take you to the login page where you will enter your e-mail and password to access your fund(s).

Selecting the Fund:

Once you have been approved, you will be linked to those funds for which you are a named advisor. If you have multiple funds at CFG, you will see the “Select a Fund” menu once you have signed into the Portal. Choose which account you’d like to view.


CFG prepares quarterly statements for its funds. However, through the Portal you can create a statement for any time period. These statements are available on the Reports options in the Portal. When you select to run a statement, the option will open in a new browser tab. You will be asked to select your fund, and select a starting and ending date for your report. Then select “View Report”.

The portal will allow you to download and save your statement in several different formats (e.g. Excel, Word, and PDF by using the “export” icon) but if you wish to print it from the screen, please use your browser’s Print option.

Grant Requests

Fund Advisors may make grant requests within the Portal. Grant Requests are created on the left side of the screen on the Recommend Grant option.

If you want to…

  • Select a previous grantee or fund: You may select “From Grant History” which will provide you with a list of previous grant recipients and amounts. If, from this list, you select a prior recipient, a new request will be generated to that organization for the same amount.
  • Select a grantee from a recipient list: This list contains organizations that have been previously approved by the Community Foundation as IRS recognized charities.
  • Enter a new Recipient:  You can manually enter a new grantee organization as well. You will need to enter the name of the organization, the mailing address, zip code and a phone number to move the grant request to CFG for approval. Please note, CFG will verify that the organization is eligible to receive funding and up to date with its financial reporting to the IRS. The CFG Board of Directors has ultimate discretion over all grant distributions.

How do I…

  • Search for a Grantee?  There is a “Search” option through the “From Grant History” and “From Recipient List”.
  • Submit a grant request? Once the Grantee information has been added, you can complete the request by clicking the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. You can also save this request and return to it later or print from this page.
  • Submit a grant request if it requires a second signature? Once you have created the Grant Request, select “Save” instead of submit. This allows the request to be created. The second fund advisor will need to log in, look at the “Recommendations” and submit the ones that have been created that he/she is approving.
  • Review or cancel a grant request?  The “Recommendations” option will show a list of Grants saved, or requested to be paid, with the current status. Grant Requests that have been saved will show “Created”. Requests that have been submitted will show “Submitted”. Once approved by the Foundation it will show a “Pending” status. Those in the submitted or pending status can only be canceled by calling the Community Foundation of Greenville. Once a check has been cut and mailed, the status will change to “Processed.”

Logging Out

Remember to use the Logout tab to close your Donor Portal. You will be automatically logged out each night even if you do not log out.


For descriptions of the Menu Selections in the Fund Holder Portal (orange menu in upper left corner), please see below: 

Please remember to use this menu or the “Go Back” option on each page. Your back button on your browser may not work.

Home takes you back to the Dashboard. This area highlights information about your fund, some in graphical detail such as your current balance, gift history (last 6 months) to and grants made from the fund.

Fund Summary will show a fund balance and allow you to create your own Statement of Activity report based on your own date parameters.

Grants History shows the history of Grants made from the fund.

Recommendations shows the recent recommendations that have been made and whether they are “Pending” (waiting on CFG staff approval), “Approved” or “Processed” (check has been mailed).

Recommend Grant allows Fund Advisors to recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations.  More information about how to make a Grant Request can be found below.

Gift History shows all contributions or donations to the fund. By clicking on a Fund Name, you can bring up more information about the contribution. By selecting “All Funds” in the drop down menu, you will be shown all your gifts made to your fund as well as other funds within CFG.

Reports will show you a list of all reports created for this fund.

My Profile will show you the information you provided when you registered for Portal Access.

Logout causes you to exit the Portal.

Home (on the navigational menu on the top right) will take you to the Home Page of the Community Foundation’s website.

Give Now allows you to make a one-time or recurring donation to your fund. This is processed by a third party via the Community Foundation’s website. Credit card processing fees will apply.

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