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Community Foundation of Greenville (CFG) administers more than 300 charitable funds created by generous individuals, families, and organizations to support causes they care about locally and throughout the country.

CFG offers a variety of charitable fund types including donor-advised funds (DAFs), field-of-interest funds, designated funds, endowment funds, and scholarship funds.  You may establish a fund with a variety of assets, including cash, appreciated stock, and complex gifts such as real state or closely held business interests.  You receive a tax-deduction at the time the fund is established and when additional contributions are made to the fund.  Continue your family’s legacy of philanthropic giving by designating successor advisors.  The Foundation provides the administrative services for your fund, making this a simple easy way to consolidate your charitable giving.

To find out more information about any of these different fund types, please contact Gina Blohm at (864) 331-8418 or

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) are one of the most common giving vehicles available today.  They are a cost-effective and efficient way to streamline your annual giving.  Often times they serve as an alternative to a private foundation.  You may designate current advisors, successor advisors, and have the flexibility to name the fund, make grant recommendations, and leverage the expertise of the professional staff of the Community Foundation.  Recommended minimum is $25,000.

Please click here for an overview of establishing a using a DAF administered by the CFG. To learn how local families are using a DAF to make a bigger impact, click here or here.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds support programs, projects, and initiatives in a specific area of interest.  The general area of interest could be education, the arts, or a specific geographic area.  At the donor’s request, the area can change according to their wishes. Recommended minimum is $100,000.

Designated Funds

Designated Funds benefit one or more charitable organization by providing a perpetual source of income.  This is usually an endowed fund.  If the original charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or is unable to perform its charitable purposes, the Community Foundation Board is able to redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services without expensive legal action.  Many donors and organizations select this option as a way to benefit from CFG’s pooled investment option while also honoring donor’s intent.   Recommended minimum is $100,000.

Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds are permanent funds created to support a specific charitable organization or cause.  Many organizations choose this option as a way to benefit from CFG’s pooled investment capabilities and expertise.  This is a beneficial resource for organizations to begin building an endowment for their long-term sustainability.  Recommended minimum is $100,000.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds structured to benefit students at any education level or for a specific institution.  Advisory committees assist in the selection of recipients.  CFG staff ensures that the scholarships are distributed in an equitable manner and according to the donor’s wishes.  Recommended minimum is $200,000.

Click to read our Scholarship Fund Policy and Scholarship Fund Descriptions.


Already a fund holder? Click here to access the fund holder portal and click here for portal directions. 

Giving Holistically

“It was important to look at our giving holistically as a family and get our charitable affairs in order. With the Community Foundation, it became a lot easier and more efficient.” - Mark Cooter

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