Fund Holder Resources

Please click here for the online grant distribution request form.  Note:  This document is password-protected.  Please contact Debbie Cooper at or (864) 331-8414 if you need your password.  

Grant Distribution Guidelines:

1.    Distributions can only be made to 501(c) (3) organizations.  We cannot consider requests to private foundations or fraternal organizations.

2.    Due to regulations that govern foundations, a fund cannot be used to pay pledges.  You may provide the organization with a statement informing them of your intent to request a distribution from a fund at the Community Foundation of Greenville.

3.    The fund cannot be used to pay dues, memberships, benefit tickets, etc.  Tax law prohibits full tax deduction for anything providing benefits (i.e. tickets) to you or specific individuals.  Because of this, we cannot fulfill your request for gifts to individuals or for fundraising dinners, tournaments, memberships, etc.  If the tax-deductible portion of a distribution request can be determined, you may request that portion of a gift be paid from your fund.

4.    Grant requests are processed once each week. 

5.    To ensure accuracy, please provide specific information when completing the Description/Designation section of the grant distribution form

•    Examples of Description/Designation may include: Building Fund, Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaign, etc.

6.    Email grant distribution(s) to include as attachment the completed and signed (digital signature accepted) grant distribution form(s).