Capacity Building Grants Awarded

2015 Capacity Building Grants

Blue Tent (formerly known as Camp Opportunity)--$6,000
Funding will help purchase new computers and audio-visual equipment to assist Blue Tent’s fundraising efforts and improve communication with families whom are served.  Funds will ensure Blue Tent’s sustainability and increase fundraising efforts and communication with families that are served

Center for Developmental Services--$10,000
Funding to provide a review of existing space to develop a plan to optimize building’s shared space to accommodate existing partners and establish a growth plan for the future. 

Funds will be used to improve website.  Goal of the new website is to provide information to connect community members and clients, and share a clear message with the local community to increase engagement throughout Greenville and the Upstate. 

Generation Group Homes--$10,000
Funds will be used for a rebranding effort that will include a new logo, direct mail campaign, and a social media campaign to increase support base while also providing information to families who are seeking a placement for their child in need of specialized treatment at Generation Group Homes. 

Hispanic Alliance--$10,000
Funds will be used to complete a community needs assessment to create a detailed portrait of Greenville County’s growing Hispanic/Latino population and of its access to key services in four target areas identified as priorities for our network:  health, education, financial stability, and legal services. 

Livewell Greenville/YMCA of Greenville--$10,000

Public Education Partners (PEP)--$9,000
Funds will be used to redesign the website, purchase a new camera, computer, and Adobe creative software for office use.  These tools will allow PEP to highlight the message and scope of the organization’s programs to diverse stakeholders across Greenville County. 

South Carolina Foothills Search and Rescue--$6,800
Funding will be used to purchase GPS technology, specifically Alpha Garmin collars and handheld GPS devices, which will allow command personnel to track and quickly locate the K9 teams, delivering their exact position at any given time, and aiding in the search and rescue missions.  

Upstate Forever--$8,000
Funds will be used for strategic plan to help in achieving mission to promote sensible growth and protect special places.  Plan will help prioritize time and resources to help Upstate Forever create a consistent and coordinated marketing approach. 

Warehouse Theatre--$10,000
Funds will be used for signage on the facility.  Increased visibility to car and foot traffic will allow the Warehouse Theatre to reach more patrons of the arts. 

Funding will be used to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide its work for the next five years. 

2014 Capacity Building Grants

We are proud to provide capacity building grants to the following organizations: 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate, Inc.--$10,000

Funding will provide initial website implementation and one-year of website hosting to improve organizational fundraising capacity and increase sustainability.  

Greenville Free Medical Clinic--$20,000

Funding will support a strategic plan to implement a sustainable business model that addresses branding, messaging, and communication with patients, volunteers, and donors in an evolving healthcare environment.  

Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County--$14,300

Funding will be used to purchase computers, equipment, and materials needed to maximize volunteer management, utilization of resources and organizational effectiveness.   

Loaves & Fishes--$7,671

The grant will be used for the redesign of the website and for the purchase of a copier to increase operational effectiveness and strengthen marketing efforts.  

Pendleton Place, Inc.--$18,800

Funding will be used to implement an agency-wide phone and IT infrastructure upgrade to provide administrative mobility, systems, and improved organizational efficiency.  

Safe Harbor, Inc.--$14,229

The grant will fund technology upgrades to improve service delivery to domestic violence victims.  Upgrades include wireless internet for all facilities, IT set-up and support and the replacement of outdated computers.  

South Carolina Children’s Theatre--$10,000

Funding will assist in the execution of a capital campaign feasibility study designed to gauge potential for success and potential fundraising objectives in building a children's theatre in downtown Greenville.  

Taylors Free Medical Clinic--$5,000

The grant will provide funds to purchase computers and software to improve donor management proficiency and increase the organization's capacity to meet the needs of patients more efficiently.