Arts Initiative in the Village of West Greenville

Clemson University’s Center for Visual Arts is expanding its scope regionally due to a $100,000 commitment from the Community Foundation of Greenville. 

“We are proud that our partnership with Clemson University supports a growing creative community and will increase the economic development for the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Bob Morris, president of the Community Foundation of Greenville.  The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation approved this investment to support of the arts the Greenville, to serve as a small business generator and to revitalize this area of Greenville.

This gift gives life to Clemson University's Center for Visual Arts and their vision to have a presence in Greenville. The grant is partnered with a lease for a facility currently located in the Village of West Greenville along Pendleton Street in downtown Greenville.

The new Center for Visual Arts-Greenville creates a dynamic, hands-on, “real-world” space where students, faculty and alumni are directly involved with art historians, artists, critics and curators. They are developing, curating, installing, exhibiting, documenting and interpreting the best contemporary art happenings of today.

The Center for Visual Arts-Greenville is an example of how Clemson University and the Community Foundation have partnered to foster the arts and to improve this area of Greenville.