Personal Philanthropy Grows with GWG

Seven years ago the Community Foundation helped launch a special initiative -- Greenville Women Giving, a women’s collective giving organization – which has now reinvested nearly $2.2 million in Greenville’s nonprofit organizations.  The Community Foundation provides its 501(c)(3) home and has contributed $275,000 to its grant pool.  

Impressive as that is, the research done in conjunction with Greenville Women Giving’s current strategic planning process has uncovered other encouraging and noteworthy results.

·         About 75% of the member survey respondents felt that their GWG membership had directly influenced their personal giving.  Specifically, 75% of this group said that they now give more thoughtfully and strategically.  One quarter stated that their personal giving had increased and they now contribute to organizations they learned about through GWG.  In addition to their financial support, members are also volunteering with these groups and serving on their boards.

·         Part of GWG’s mission is to educate members about Greenville’s needs and opportunities through a program of educational sessions, open to all members and guests.  92% of the respondents believed these programs had increased their knowledge of community needs. 

·         82% of the respondents felt that GWG programs and events had informed members about effective grant-making.

The survey confirms that Greenville Women Giving is fulfilling one of its main purposes—to create a cadre of women who are better informed and more effective givers. 

The number one reason members gave for joining Greenville Women Giving, however, was to explore the power of collective giving and members overwhelmingly agreed that this should remain its premier mission. If this prospect excites you and you haven’t joined yet (and you are female!), please consider it and know that a fulfilling experience awaits you.

Information about Greenville Women Giving can be found at