Gil & Perry Gilreath

Making a Difference

Gil and Perry Gilreath care about Greenville.  They have raised their three daughers and developed a successful business here.  The Gilreaths will tell you that they have been blessed as a family and that with blessings come responsibility. 

In 2000, they wanted to set up a long-term plan for their charitable giving. The search for how to implement that plan led them to the Community Foundation and discussions with Bob Morris about a Donor-Advised Fund.  They decided it was the right time and place for them to establish the Gilreath Family Fund. 

The Gilreaths wanted to help others who have had less opportunity and to support the Greenville community that has been so good to them.  They have been able to do that with charitable distributions from their donor-advised fund.  It was easy to set up, has low expenses, is flexible, and the investments are professionally managed.  But they believe that the biggest benefit to them has been their education about the needs in the Greenville community and the impact charitable giving can have.

That education began when Perry joined the Grants Review Committee in 2001.  She said, “The education has been huge and has allowed us to expand our charitable giving.”  She and Gil have also used their experience with the Community Foundation to teach their children how to be philanthropic.  Perry continues to serve on the Grants Review Committee and joined the Board in 2007.

“Gil and Perry have demonstrated a true spirit of giving back to the community.  We are blessed to have them in Greenville,” said Bob Morris, President of the Community Foundation.