C. Dan Joyner

C. Dan Joyner – In Memoriam

“Hello Roberto, how are ya buddy?  Bob, this is Dan Joyner....”  

I loved taking his phone calls.  Everyone at the Community Foundation felt the same way.  Our office lit up when he was on the phone.  Sometimes he dropped in to let us know that what we were doing was important. To a person we knew Dan was the genuine article.  His enthusiasm and insight were well-communicated and well-received.  As our Board Chair, Dan immediately grasped the potential of the Kroc Center and helped spearhead the Community Foundation’s $1,000,000 investment.  He was also a vocal advocate for Greenville Women Giving.

Dan was a nationally recognized expert in the real estate industry.  He rarely missed a meeting but when he did it was invariably due to some recognition that was being bestowed upon him by a state, regional or national trade association.  His analysis of the real estate and credit crisis of 2008 helped guide our investment strategy.  He deserved and earned every one of the accolades given to him during his lifetime and written about him after his death in early January.

The Community Foundation Board of Directors gave Dan the 2007 Ruth Nicholson Award for outstanding volunteer leadership.  Whether he was personally greeting every guest at our donor reception or encouraging us to press forward, his goal was our success.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kat, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We loved him and will miss him.  We are so glad to have known him.

                                                                                                Bob Morris, President